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Getting Your Puppy Used To Touch

When you bring a new puppy into your family there are a number of things you can do to prepare them for visits to the vet. Two of the most important are:

  1. Happy vet visits
  2. Getting your puppy used to touch

Happy Vet Visits

While your dog is young, you want to try to teach them that the vet isn’t always a place that bad things happen. Happy vet visits are when you visit your vet clinic with your puppy/dog for a positive experience. No needles, no examination, simply a positive experience with the vet.

puppy vet visit, puppy touch desensitization

Most vet clinics welcome happy vet visits. If your puppy is nervous in new places or around other animals you may simply just go into the clinic, reward, and then leave. Repeating this until they’re comfortable in the environment. You may even schedule a time to see the vet, again for a positive experience.

Happy vet visits will give your puppy the best chance of developing a positive relationship with both vet clinics and the vet. They are best started when your puppy is young (fully vaccinated), but they can also occur at any age if your dog is struggling with visiting the vet (note that despite your best efforts, your dog may still hate the vet).

Getting Your Puppy Used to Touch

While your puppy is young it’s also important to get them used to touch. Again you want it to be a positive experience. Below is a video by Dr. Montana Mays explaining the process.

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