Online Canine Rehabilitation and Fitness Consultations

Can’t access canine rehabilitation and fitness services for your dog in person? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered through our online appointment service. Book an appointment with either Rachel or Montana to develop a rehabilitation or fitness plan for your dog.

*Online consultations are NOT diagnostic in nature. If there is any lameness or an injury you need to consult with your vet prior to booking an appointment. We are unable to work with a dog that has an undiagnosed lameness or injury.

What is an Online Appointment?

Online appointments are a video consultation with you and your dog, rather than a face-to-face consultation. They occur at a scheduled time with the first appointment lasting approximately 1hr. We will also review videos and the history prior to the appointment.

We are based in Australia but can work with people in different time zones. Sessions occur in English.

How Much Does it Cost?

Initial Rehab Appointment: $100USD

Initial Fitness Appointment: $100USD

Follow-up appointment: 30mins – $70USD | 15mins – $45USD

When Should You Consider an Online Appointment:

Online appointments are a great alternative for people who find it difficult to access high-quality canine rehabilitation and fitness services. This may include:

  • People in countries that don’t have access to canine rehabilitation and fitness services
  • Those living in rural areas
  • People with stay-at-home orders or those that are isolated due to Covid-19
  • Those with very busy work or family lives

How Can We Help?

We can develop a plan to help your dog:

  • Rehabilitate from injury and/or surgery.
  • Improve/maintain strength and fitness through their advancing years.
  • Improve/maintain fitness during the winter months.
  • Maintain fitness for sports or get guidance for return to sport.

What Does an Online Appointment Look Like?

Prior to the appointment, we’ll send you an intake form so that we have more information about your dog. We’ll also send you instructions so that you can send us videos of your dog walking, sitting, getting up from rest, in their usual living area, and anything else you think is important / would like help with (videos can be sent through email, WhatsApp or We will review the history and videos prior to the appointment.

Sessions typically occur on Zoom (we can use an alternative video call provider as required). We will send a zoom link prior to the session.

At the time of the appointment, we will discuss your dog’s history, the videos provided, and your goals. If we need to see more of your dog’s movements we’ll ask you to perform certain tasks during the session.

We’ll then develop an appropriate rehabilitation/fitness plan for your dog and email this to you. The plan may include:

  • Exercises
  • Stretches
  • Massage techniques
  • Other therapies (e.g. ice/heat)

We’ll also be available for any questions if you’re not sure about anything after the appointment. Follow-up appointments will be booked at appropriate intervals to ensure your dog is progressing as expected.

Email Rachel if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.
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